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IcAROS 1.4.5 and AEROS r3 with 68k emulation out of the box

Paolo released a new version of IcAROS desktop.
This time with a special (warning! it is still experimental)... it comes with AROS68k preinstalled to run classic Amigasoftware on your AresOne (sorry PC).

I was also going to update AEROS sooner but due to the problems I found with AROS68k and JanusUAE mouse coherency it has been delayed till today (uploading takes time and public announcement will follow).
I thought only me had the problems with it.. but nope.. it is a common problem.
So if anyone is serious about coherency / seamless integration, please use AmigaForever for this in JanusUAE.
Every AresOne is sold with a copy of AmigaForever (OEM).

Now back to AEROS r3 (what I am uploading right now)
Codename „chewbacca defense“ (an insider)

What is new:
I’ve tested every included app and what you see in Quickstarter (the AROS dock) will work. If not than only because there happened a permission error (you can fix it easely).

Every non working AROS app has been blacklisted (is till on the iso but you can find them only in the drawers)
Not working and needing love:
Cube (works fine but mousecontroll is broken due to HOSTGL maybe?)

What is new in R3?
AEROS has become a 4in1 OS.
You get AROSx86, AROSm68k(experimental),Linux and with PlayonLInux access to your Windows apps and Games

Instead of adding a AROS68k nightly you will get AROS Vision (the 68k distro) done by Olaf Schönweiß (many thanks for allowing me this)
It comes with tons of software working on AROS68k (the ironic part is that 68k DOSBOX is working : D )

K3B has been replaced by Xfburn (lightweight burning tool)
added gparted (easy partitioning)
Changed Installer to a graphical one which calls gparted and allows now also to choose locales before installing
added gmrun (linux quicklauncher)
added Transmission (for downloading future releases of AEROS ; ) )
added Terminator as main Terminal (allows to run multiple terminal sessions in one Window)
added Hurrican ( use grandr (also newly added) to change resolution to 640x480)
updated JanusUAE from 1.1 to 1.2
added 2 games to ScummVM (AROS) Beneath a steel sky and Drascula

Added „reboot“ and „shutdown“ options to quickstarter (AROS dock) (if it works depends on your mainboard.. in most cases it should)

Livemode checks for the highest resolution the framebuffer driver allows with your setup (Gpu+Monitor)
On my AresOne 2010 the lovemode goes into 1280x720@50Hz
In virtualbox it goes into 800x600, so it depends on HW combinations.
After installation to HD and installing your GPU-driver (Nividia, AMD, Intel, whatever) you will be able to change resolutions.
It will automatically choose the largest (ideally) resolution.

Also I’ve added a new AROS device called „removable_media“. Clicking on it will give you access to any attached removable media like USB-sticks, DVD’s and so on.

This will be the last public iso for some time...
Please test and give feedback on
I will take care about all whishes and ideas.
Copy and paste, launching AROS apps from linux side and more will come in R4
In the moment i am working on a manual in english and german.

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