Made for AROS

AROS Broadway and AMClight

It is time for an update...... The new AresOne....

More details soon.....

Say hello to AMC’s little brother: AMClight

AROS including AMClight boots faster than most standalone players : )
Easy, remote-compatible, navigation... ahh i love it. Viva Allanon!

Broadway -diary:

Changes in 0.0.2
- I kicked the developement parts -> in the next ISO(0.0.3) you can install it as optional package
- changed most but not all icons ->next time i will have more icons (contacted the author) and everyting should have this look
- pre configured for imica and AresOne compliant Systems , this means you need eventually to change Network and AHI prefs -> later i will add prefs to Starter and make a requester for the first boot up like in Icaros
- Up2date downloads STARDUST, for now it will say that there are no updates available (will change in some days)
- added small (1024x768) and large 1280x1024 wallpaper (dirty GIMP-Job : ) )
- added Introduction Video (i need to encode it in another format) plays only when booted from CD
- uses latest official Mplayer (will exchange it with the AMC special Edition : ) )
- updated to latest NOWINED (the standard Texteditor in Broadway) i like the TAB feature
- added latest Cinnamon Writer

My next steps:
finishing layout of starter
changing all Icons and visual parts
Adding JanusUAE,mount ADF and Catweasel-driver
Choosing the base apps for Broadway, if you have any favorite application please tell me


some of my plans for Broadway:
-release for x86,ppc and x64 (later ones need a port of Hollywood)
-Small, as stable as possible
-a few selected apps for every task(partially done, it is a point to speak about)
-new dock(done by Allanon, i just need to work on layout)
-online update for every single part(partially done)
-multiple user-presets, every user can have his own setup

As i started with the ARES-project i had already my own Distribution in mind, which would be the standard for the Ares Computers. Now i started and a first public announcement and demo will follow on the coming Amiga Event in Essen (Germany)

Integrated Update-Service for applications and systemfiles
simple, elegant and fast
Less but stable and functional apps (one for every task)
New Dock
and more.......

Since Fabio Allanon Falcucci contributes many things done via Hollywood i plan to call it Broadway : )

The visual finish will be done later..... it will be dark

OH it comes for x86, x64 and ppc and it will be available for free but with AresOne and imica in mind

Some newer screens. Some bugs with arexx under AROS are holding us back a little. The good thing about this is that arexx under AROS get fixed too : )

Just a Teaser! Icons and images will be designed by the guy who did the AresOne logo,especially for this app(because of license). Allanon is working on a Mplayer Frontend for AROS, MorphOS and AmigaOS. Stay tuned! It will rock your life : )
Ares Media Center(Box + Remote) is coming!

Good news for owners of a AresOne: You will get it for free (subsidized by me)
Be sure it will be bundled with every Ares - System in the future.

Some progress(the first two screens show the first official iconset)
You can create own icon-sets and backgrounds.

Button Layout will changed, minimizing the app like itunes

MINIMIZED will look like this (design will change for the final product!):

Please watch this nice video created by Roman Eberle -

the AresOne isavailable at .
Even the white case is back!

Big UPDATE! Davy Wentzler finished the AresOne -onboard-Sounddriver, the previosly needed Soundcard is gone and the price has been lowered to 339,90 Euro !! Great Value!

Most people are complaining about the price. Its cheap as hell : ) really:
We are using a good qualitiy mainbaord - MSI KN9NEO V2
You get a Geforce 8400 PCI-E which is used with Gallium3D in mind!
you get not 1 but 2GB! Ram and not the cheapest - its not 667 its DDR2 @800!
The board supports up to 8GB RAM! Imagine what you could do if AROS 64 will come or AnubisOS
You get Amiga Forever with your AresOne! This includes WB and Kickstart.roms! Use it for the UAE-Integration coming in some days/weeks
You get a nice/stylish case in white or black
You get a FryinPan Keyfile which costs normally 25€ too!
You get a good feeling because your money goes in parts back to AROS developement and sure exclusive ARES-features or enefit from other AROS-Projects i initiate like the upcomming Media-Center-Frontend
Be part of the whole! Lets boost development!

Be prepared for: Catweasel, Media Center, UAE-Integration,Printing, more Emulators and much more.......... Lets strike back!

have look here

(AresOne benchmark: used only one core @3.0GHZ!)

Remember you get a Fryingpan Key whic costs normally 25€ and a wonderful writingapp Cinnamon Writer 0.67 for AROS with every AresOne.
Cinnamon Writer features all functions to Write Letters and more. It support txt,RTF and PDF export!

Its only a matter of time when AROS developement and Software-support is on par with AmigaOS or Morphos.....

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