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Feb 2013

Where to buy? What if we don't reach the 700000€ goal?

If we don’t reach the goal, nothing will be lost. We will still produce the IndieGO! and our partners will still offer it to any interested person. Actually we are looking for more interested dealers around the globe to


In the meanwhile you could watch the two guys loving the really short boot times of AROS ; ) our favorite OS.

Skip to 28m50s and get some comment from Linux guys about how fast „fast“ can be! No Linux can do this.

They tested a quite old version and choose the ugly icon set… but the OS itself shows its muscles . Responsive, fast, non mainstream awesomeness with a retro feeling but still offering modern techniques like Nouveau, OWB and more.

We will make use of the best from Linux and AROS.
You can play in fact everything you like from 8bit up to NexGen on a single device.

The direction is set… let's fill it with more details and maybe your name..

Help us to create the best console ever.

Visit for more details and help us to create the best console experience ever! For every gamer generation : )

Run everything you like on a single device! Revive decades of pure gaming awesomeness and be ready for the NexGen-future!


Structure is everything..

Pasted Graphic
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