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Feb 2014


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i just want to inform you about ongoing projects and new products around AROS and Amiga in general.

App-store project:
The Service-name will be IndieGO!-Marketplace.

As told before the Server-Api is and will be documented so other 3rd parties (Hyperion, TeamMorpHOS maybe) can make use of them.

There will be 2 "reference" clients.
One text based and one graphical.

We target a public release in march. For the text-based client maybe earlier.

The API will be developed further and with a bit delay we will release a client-application especially for content-creators and a packaging system (as .deb but here called .igo)

From that point updating of AROS Broadway/AEROS and included apps will be handled with .igo packages.

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IndieGO!-Marketplace - clients (application to access the store) will be available at first for:
AROS, AmigaOS /classic/NG, MorphOS, Linux PPC, Linux i386, Windows, OS X PPC and i386
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We will resend Opt-In-Mails to all developers who have missed them. Due to a misconfiguration some providers declared it as spam.

the 15% offering for preregistering as developer will be extended for one month after resending the opt-in emails.

Raspberry Pi and AEROS

Short info:
AEROS is available a public version and as non-public including (lx-command)
The non Public Version will from now on be called AEROS plus (there may be come more plus than just lx, stay tuned)]

At I offer now also the sd-card-service as on ebay.
Also I offer a ARES-Pi bundle containing everything you may need to start.

Pi-bundles with AEROS may appear on other shops too.

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Donors and customer who have already a login to [url][/url] will get later a download code for AEROS Plus .

Also at you can now grab refurbished EEEPC's fully compatible to AROS native and 1year limited warranty.

Raspberry Pi and EEEPC are part of the new [url=]ARES99ers[/url] a category where i try to add AROS HW for 99€ or less.

Also the next AresOne 2014 will aim a price below 150€ (new base system not used)
As always:
Revenue is reused for AROS (Bounties and or direct payments to developers)
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