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More Games for the CD32 and indieGO console!


indieGO XS is now on Kickstarter! Check it out

We are currently collectiing pre-orders for the XS (eXtra Slim) Version of the indieGO!
This modell is only 1/6th of the size of the original indieGO! which we call now Classic.
We offer 100 indieGO! Classics during the campaign as well.
Technically they are both based on the same ARM SOC.


The console can be used to play CD-Based console games from the past or as AROS PC with AEROS. The current version allows also to do Background staking of the TELOS virtual currency. If you like to start your cryptocurrency journey with TELOS, we offer a chasback of 10% of your Kickstarter pledges.

Besides the console which can now be individualised included Decals if you like we use this campaign also to promote new Games from Amiworx.

If you missed it until now, you can also pre-order Tales of Gorluth 3 and Oh! No! More Aliens for AmigaCD32 and indieGO!.

More will be announced during the next 40 days.. stay tuned.

IndieGO! Classic Retro Console and XS - the NEW slim version

AROS / AMIGA / INDIEGO meet and greet

To celebrate indieGO! OS 2.0 , AEROS 5.0 and AmiCloud 2.0 I would like to start a workshop in our rooms.
Ab best in a monthly manner.

If you are interested in. Check this tread on


AmiWallet 1.1 and background mining while playing

amiwallet11The next AEROS and indieGO!-OS updates will include this as well.
Users of all other operating system including AROS, AmigaOS and MorphOS can download the client from

New in this version:
- You can switch languages (english, german, italian)
- Info window with links to our support forum and project pages
- build with Hollywood 7

The idea being AmiWallet is to allow users to donate or manage indieCoins (used in the indieGO-appstore) aka Amicoins.

It is not intended to act as a general payment method. It is more like a "custom" regional paymanet system to keep the money inside a system to strengthen it and motivate developers.

So you can only send /donate money to registered developers and not to other normal users.
indieCoins are equal to 1€ when being payed out as a developer (which is possible from )

indiecoins can be bought digitally or as gift cards and starting from the next AEROS and indieGO!-OS you can optionally participate in our mining Pool. The payout happens whenever you reached 100 indieCoins.
The miner is disabled by default. It will also use only one core by default when you enable it because the idea is to have it running in the background without disturbing the general experience (so it is only working on AEROS or indieGO-OS right now).

Woot.. first update since 2015

We are close to finish shipping of the indiegogo and Kickstarter part 2 with the next 3-5 days.
Around 55 orders from the original Kickstarter campaign are still open. The last hurdles to take are those with pre-installed HDD which causes extra work and add roughly 30 minutes to each package if everything goes fine.

indieGO! OS 2.0 is around the corner and will bring a lot nice features like "mining" indieGO!-coins wile playing (similar to bitcoins and powered by VERIUM the digital gold reserve) and Steam-streaming from our servers to your indieGO!

Stay tuned and check for some more info.

After having alls systems shipped we will cap the max no. of indieGO!'s to 500. This means that 3/5 have been sold already.
As a bonus for the waiting time we will give everyone 2 years extended warranty.

What stays is a console which can earn you money for further purchases and access to high power Nvidia 1080ti powered servers for accessing Steam using your own account. Boom!

With the slightly over 300 units pre-orders and soon also delivered systems we have also a small but nice user base for future game releases.
With the mined indieGO-coins we will create a money-momentum to attract indie-developers and license holders.

Original Kickstarter backers will also get a free exchange to a potential successor. So if we release a more powerful successor, you can swap your indieGO! in and get the new for free (minus shipping which should be covered by you).

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