INDIEGO! Roots of gaming

Home of the ultimate Indie-, Retro-, Nexgen videogame OS

The IndieGO! is a non-mainstream gaming platform for Indie-developers and gamers, made by gamers.

No limits, no restrictions. Homebrew is allowed, Homebrew is wanted.

On top the IndieGO! will be an target platform for AROS and AEROS, bringing classic Amiga Users a new inexpensive home.

The IndieGO! is able to run classic Amiga games, Windows games*, Linux Games, AROS* and virtually anything else through emulation.

With our stage 2 Bootloader the user can also boot into virtually any Homecomputer OS he likes. Independent from the CPU-architecture.
So power on your IndieGO! and boot straight into AmigaOS 3.1 or AtariTOS for example.

So the IndieGO is pure retro… but what about the Indie stuff?

We will publish our and hopefully your favorite classic games and Indie games in a limited and certified number (we are talking also about IndieGO! (re-)releases of console and arcade games).
So they will be rare and pure quality goods for your collection.

On ARM devices we plan to allow Streaming from your gaming PC.

Isn’t this like Ouya? No it is better since we do it cause we like it and not to melk you like a cow. We have more power, more possibilities and an even larger compatibility to more platform independent stuff.

We will also expand our indieGO-marketplace client applications for AmigaOS, AROS, MorphOS, MacOS (PPC/intel), Windows and Linux to allow you to play on all of your devices without the need to get rid of your favorite OS.

IndieGO!-marketplace client for any Operating system will be free.

*AROS i386 will not be preinstalled on the final systems but can be easily installed by dealers or customers thanks to the underlaying AEROS r4 base
*Amiga 68k compatibility provided through AROS kickstart replacement and officially licensed Kickstart 3.1 ROMS
*Windows games through Wine and Exagear Desktop. Direct X(™) and any Microsoft(™) libraries will not be included but you can install them using PlayOnLInux if required
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