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Help My Cat!
Is a small, less than 30 minutes long platfrom puzzle adventure game in which you are simply assigned with a task of trying to get a cat down from a tree by using items lying around to your benefit.

It was originally thought at early 90s and was planned to be made using Easy Amos with Amiga computers.
However, it took more than 20 years before it was finally made, now with Hollywood-programming language, making it multiplatform and available not only for Amiga, but also for Pc, Mac and Linux computers.

Version today, is very close to what it could have been had it been released already early 90s. Puzzles are mostly same as originally thought, most of the graphics have been done during 90s, the musics have been done around 90s (even before?), therefore this game should be quite authentic in its feel of representing early 90s teenage coders Amiga freeware game.

Unzip package anywhere you like, and click helpmycat.exe to start.

Walkthru included in game.

there are some minor bugs and one rarely happening crash bug, but due to game being so short (and code horrible), they wont be fixed.

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