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- one more hour edition.

One of the winners of Speedgame 2015 competition.

Ducks of Apocalypse is a small puzzle-point´n´click adventure game where you are trying to guide your ducks to survive through the apocalyptic times for most part in style of simplified Phoenix Wright game.

Completing the game takes maybe 30 - 60 minutes.

This is the "one more hour" edition, which is almost same as the one submitted to the competition. However, this have been worked for about one hour more to have stuff that had been added to the game had the competition lasted one hour longer.

As example, competition version didint have any collision check on last level, making it impossible for player to die there.

It is possible there might come in future another version of this game, which would also include a third case to the game. Third case is referred to in game, but is not there.

Tested with AMikit: about 200 Mb of RAM and by guess, 030 (game is basically light, but its made with hollywood using layers).

Also requires GFX-card since it is made with Hollywood.

Game is made to be played on HD (1980x1080) resolution.

Notice that it might take several minutes before game starts, but you can see it is working if memory gets consumed while you are waiting (it is loading all the wav samples to memory due to my misunderstanding of how Hollywood single exes work).
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