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o0 avidmusic - sixgunsampler 0o

Six tracks by o0 avid 0o, ranging in years from 1996-2006. All tracks are encoded in 96kbps / 44100 Hz for your listening pleasure. Higher quality bitrate versions are available upon request.  An original Amiga OctaMED track I did in 96' is included (cleaned up a bit) called "valium". The genres of the music is mainly drum and bass/acid jazz/trip-hop.

All tracks are free to download and listen to for personal enjoyment, however, if you wish to use any of my tracks for something other than that, please contact me at the email address included in the readme file within the zip file.

If you like any of my music and wish to help me make more, any donations, of any amount are very welcome and VERY appreciated.. equipment is not cheap andI've not made much music lately due to a lack of equipment as creating it the way I always have (samples and sequencers) has become very limiting. :( Higher quality versions can be obtained upon donation/request. Donations can be made to the same email address found in the readme file in the zip file and encoded within the ID3 tags of the mp3's themselves.

I sincerely hope you enjoy  Feedback is also always welcome. ;)

o0 avid 0o

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