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This package contains 5 essential libraries for every Hollywood programmers. The documentation is embedded in the source code. Below there is a details of the included libraries.

A collection of functions to speed up common and repetitive tasks tasks.

EASING Library
The easing library can be used to achieve smooth transitions between values,
with it you can animate objects, fade colors and change values smoothly using
one of the provided 41 transition functions.

TABLES Library
This library exposes common functions to manipulate and convert tables.

DEBUG Library
With this library you can easily manage debug output to the console or to a
log file. The console log system allow you to define channels and message
types you can easily filter during the debug of your programs.

This library exposes common functions to manipulate file and check the file

To install the libraries simply extract the archive contents in your preferred folder and edit the "+Includes.hws", line 6, and change the path to the location where you have extracted the files.

Happy coding!
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